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Springfield, MO

Jenfab has manufacturing experiences dating back to 1960. Our company is known for creating the world’s first, fully automated vertical agitation parts washers. This innovation revolutionized the parts washing industry. A decade later our company began introducing new automated ultrasonic precision cleaning systems for a number of industries including automotive, aviation, and bio-medical industries. These impressive pieces of technology have led the way in their field and Jenfab continues to be on the forefront of our industry. Today Jenfab is known for our high performance line of standard and customized cleaning systems. We offer a vast line of products including: one piece flow part washers, in line parts washers, agitated immersion parts washers, belt conveyor spray washers, dunnage and pallet washers, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, heavy duty turntable spray washers, rotary drum auger style parts washers and much more. Our company is continuously designing the latest cleaning solutions and we can manufacture a robotic cleaning system that utilizes a programmable hoist for precision cleaning. Our systems are available in a variety of capacities such as 100lb, 300lb and 500lb. If a customer has a special requirement then the experts at Jenfab can customize these products to meet those needs. Our company understands the importance of creating products that are safe for users as well as the environment. This is why Jenfab offers environmentally friendly solvent free part washers. Our ultrasonic cleaners can lower your overall operating costs which saves you money in the long run. Our company even offers parts washers for maintenance/repair/overhaul projects which is ideal for restoring older parts. If you would like more information about the products and services offered by Jenfab then please visit our website or give one of our highly trained representatives a call today!

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